Fortitude Christmas Note 2023

Season’s greetings to you from your team here at Fortitude. Well, global and domestic surprises never cease to amaze. Meanwhile, financial markets seem to just shrug these events off, with Aussie and International share markets not far off their all-time highs. This reinforces our belief that it’s a mugs game trying to time and predict

Federal Budget 2022/2023

Last night, Treasurer Jim Chalmers handed down an updated 2022-23 Federal Budget (“hear hear!”). The first budget for the Albanese Labor Government ran to the theme of responsible, reasonable and targeted as a way to navigate the current economic climate. The budget is fairly light on tax and fortunately ALSO on any Super changes, with an

Fortitude Christmas Note 2021

fortitude /ˈfɔrtɪtjuːd/ noun courage in pain or adversity (Source: Google) Congratulations on your resilience shown throughout 2021.  I have no doubt we will look back on the last eighteen months and find some true positives from this period despite the many challenges that have been thrown our way. Whilst it’s pleasing to see strength in