Fortitude Christmas Note 2021




courage in pain or adversity

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Congratulations on your resilience shown throughout 2021.  I have no doubt we will look back on the last eighteen months and find some true positives from this period despite the many challenges that have been thrown our way.

Whilst it’s pleasing to see strength in financial markets and the economy, we’ve marvelled at how you’ve handled the year always with a smile on your face recognising what really matters the most above all else in times of adversity … a focus on health and the importance of strong relationships with family and friends.

We wish you all our best for some well-earned rest over the month ahead and really look forward to hearing how you plan to make the most of the fantastic opportunities ahead in 2022 and beyond.

The big news for Fortitude over the last year has been both Ollie and Huw joining me as business owners in Fortitude.  For all three parties, this has been arguably the biggest business decision of our professional lives.  I’m thrilled that they believe in the business and all that we strive to do for you in partnering with you in living an extraordinary life.  Having now worked with both lads for over four years, I am so privileged to be partnering with two individuals with the highest standards of integrity coupled with intelligence, empathy, humility, passion, and client centric DNA. The huge benefit for you is the stability, consistency, and longevity they provide for both the years ahead and the next generation of Australians.

You may know that one of the outcomes from the Financial Services Royal Commission was that all Financial Advisors undertake mandatory ethics training and meet strict reporting standards. I’m pleased to say that Fortitude is fully trained and compliant, with continuous improvement being a core part of our culture. We truly believe Fortitude is uniquely positioned in the advice profession as a well-resourced business solely focussed on servicing your needs over the long term.  We look forward to continuing to work with you and your family, and friends, for many years to come.

Thanks to our investment partners for their calmness, confidence, and competence in 2021.  The flood of dividends has been most appreciated too!  We also thank our professional partners (lawyers, accountants, lending specialists) for their often selfless work performed throughout some trying times and workloads this year.

Huge thanks go to the fabulous Fortitude client services team of Kylie, Brad and Anna.  They have been amazing with all the work they do behind the scenes.  We couldn’t do it without them.  Unbelievably, three members of the Fortitude team in Huw, Anna and Brad have all recently become engaged to their lifelong partners in Mathilde, James, and Amalia respectively.  Exciting times are ahead with wedding plans well progressed for all three over the next couple of years.

Biggest thanks of course go to you.  We are so privileged to be partnering with you and thank you for your support, feedback, and companionship over the last year.  We can’t wait to share many more amazing experiences with you in 2022 and beyond. 

Merry Christmas and see you in 2022.

Luke and all at Team Fortitude … Ollie, Huw, Kylie, Brad and Anna