2020 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting

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Yesterday morning our time was the annual shareholders’ meeting for Berkshire Hathaway, the 55th since Warren Buffett took control as CEO and Chairman back in 1965.

Warren took centre stage with heir apparent, Greg Abel in front of an eerily empty stadium, normally buzzing with an estimate 40,000 disciples in attendance.  This year would have been my 8th consecutive visit, but not to be in 2020.  Several of you and I will be back though in Omaha in May 2021 (travel permitting) and we welcome any additional travel companions.  It’s a great experience.

A link to the full recording of the meeting is below, with relevant time indicators for those of you who can carve out some time in your schedule to hear the legendary 89 year old Oracle in action.

Warren’s opening remarks and soliloquy captures his thoughts on the virus and putting current and future unknown events into perspective.  He normally speaks for 5 minutes prior to opening up to QandA so he obviously felt the current situation ‘warren’ted special comment… and special it was. 1hr 45 minutes, but such a considered, wise and rational point of view he gives…. it’s a must watch and time very well spent.

The next 20 minutes is the formal part of the AGM (which you can skip).

Warren then backs up for 2.25hours in a brilliant Q&A session hosted by CNBC journalist Becky Quick.

In this slower paced environment, I commend this to you and your loved ones to invest your time to hear the wisdom of the one and only ..  Warren Edward Buffett.

My rough notes are HERE and will give you a gist of his thoughts (my key take outs are highlighted), but nothing like the insights you will get by listening to the real thing yourselves.

Happy to debrief on anything at your convenience, and welcome any questions or comments.

For a link to a recording of the Berkshire Hathway 2020 Annual Shareholders Meeting Livestream

Click Here

3.45pm, Saturday 2nd May 2020, Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting, Omaha, Nebraska
39min mark – Warren opening address
2.05min mark – Q1 earnings
2.26min mark – finish of Warrens address & start of AGM/formal part of proceedings (OK to skip this part)
2.45min mark – finish of formal part of meeting .. meeting adjourned
2.45min mark – Q&A begins
5.07 min mark – finish

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